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ANStek was established at the end of year 2000. We hold the management concept of responsibility; persistent, improving and sharing made company growth and innovation in the arduous environment. Besides, depends on the increase of our experience and manpower that were accumulated in the past, we have great achievements within a few years.
Now, we have over hundred employees lead by top management together with high ratio well experienced and specialty in various technical Field Application Engineers (FAEs). By working closly between Sales and FAEs can provide our customer best services and gain the competitiveness. On the other hand, we try to create the niche market and find the new segments that strengthen ourselves in the relevant industries.
Different responsibility is assigned to each Anstek employee and stick to its tasks. The task drives us toward to the right direction and moving forward.

Our adding value in this tough environment is we never give up. We insist on being objective and working all the way through.

We always communicate with our colleagues and try to find the most possible improvement to accomplish our promise. In order to meet this goal, we expedite to improve every aspect of our company to conform to the market, customers, suppliers and competitors.

The management of enterprises is creating profit. At the same time, we treasure our employees who work hard with us. The goal is to share the profit continuously. Each employee in ANStek takes the responsibility, insists the work faith, and improves own ability and working quality via various communication and on-site trainings. Then, they are able to share fruitful result. For example: unstuck promotion channel, bonus, employee to be a stockholder, or to be a company partner, etc…

Anstek treats these four concepts to be our long-term management idea and lead us to create the bright future.

Finally, each member is company’s asset and competitive source. We commit ourselves to train, educate, and improve the quality and professional skills of our staff. Meanwhile, we will extend our product lines to be more complete to satisfy varied needed of customers.
ANStek is in line with professional, flexible organiztion, prompt action, and execution to follow out agent business by providing more services. Besides, we target at higher sales revenue creation and hold beautiful life, which based on our experiences, efforts and good management team.